Illya's Honey

The Winners of the 2013 Dallas Poets Community Open Poetry Contest are...

1___First Place Winner -- Not Mexican by Rebecca Balcarcel
2___Second Place Winner - Three Acorns by Russell Rowland
3___Third Place Winner - The Beacon by Barbara Blanks
4___Honorable Mention - Mombasa -- by Stephanie Amsel
5___Honorable Mention - A Time to Rend by Alice Collinsworth
6___Honorable Mention - Just As You Are I Am by Larry L. Fontenot
7___Honorable Mention - Bone of Contention--a crossword clue by Vivki Mandell-King
8___Honorable Mention - Those Old Fans of My Youth by Ken Wheatcroft-Pardue
9___Atlas On His Day Off by Alan Birkelbach
10___Direct Address by Alan Birkelbach
11___Two Haiku by Jane Blanchard
12___Rhyme Ran to Rap by David Bowles
13___These Hands by David Bowles
14___Blue Violins by Alan Britt
15___Wasp on a Summer Cabbage by Alan Britt
16___Is 206 Enough? by Logen Cure
17___A Dream for Sancho by John M. Davis
18___Attention Please by John M. Davis
19___Counting on the Cone of Silence by John M. Davis
20___Tamar: Her Lord's Prayer by John M. Davis
21___Mnemonic by Winston Derden
22___Same Difference by Winston Derden
23___House Shudders by Richard Dinges Jr.
24___new york born and bred by Ed Galing
25___An Examination of Values by Carol Hamilton
26___Passings By by Carol Hamilton
27___Before I drown in life by Michelle Hartman
28___She gathered sunlight in butter tubs by Michelle Hartman
29___untitled by michael helsem
30___Dixieland Man by Michael Keshigian
31___Hoarding Life by Michael Keshigian
32___Just Like He Feared by Charles Kesler
33___take your seat please by Paul Koniecki
34___Fridays, Stevie's Father Comes Home from the Bar by John P. Kristofco
35___Titan, 1957 by John P. Kristofco
36___The Philosopher Savant Contemplates an Exposed Fossil Bed Near Iowa City by Rustin Larson
37___Float by John Marvin
38___A Man Sleeps by Bob McCranie
39___More Successful by Bob McCranie
40___The Killing Field of Last Thursday by Mary Ann Meade
41___A Folk Tale by Patrick Meighan
42___Maria's Smile by Dave Oliphant
43___Laundry by Ben Rasnic
44___Pillow Talk by Ben Rasnic
45___A Kiss in My Palm by Gayle Reaves-King
46___Forgive the Intrusion by Gayle Reaves-King
47___Look Close by Gayle Reaves-King
48___There Is Enough by Bill Richard
49___Old Piano Keys by Andy Roberts
50___A Cardinal in February by Russell Rowland
51___Cat Cage by Russell Rowland
52___Imposition of Ashes by Russell Rowland
53___Jump Start (The Daredevil) by Jeff Santosuosso
54___Ornaments by Jeff Santosuosso
55___Fishing My Way by Nancy Shires
56___Courage by Larry D. Thomas
57___Luna by Larry D. Thomas
58___The First Morning by Larry D. Thomas
59___Do Not Disturb A Poem by Loretta Diane Walker
60___From The Diary of Queen Vashti: A Letter to Eshter by Loretta Diane Walker
61___Hibiscus Remedies by Jacqueline de Weever
62___Beautiful Girl by Jay D. Wilson
63___Old San Francisco by A.D. Winans
64___Returning Home from Panama by A.D. Winans