Just Like He Feared
by Charles Kesler

He was able to see,
just like he feared.
He could see through,
so he saw stars at night,
and moon, and sun by day,
and the ever-present earth,
the grass that works.
He tired of the sad old stories
and the footsteps above him.
He was a nothing in a box
but he was everything he feared.
One hot summer day
he said to hell with this,
and he threw back his blanket
of dirt with its withered flowers,
and rose, just like they said.
But when he rose
nothing like a body joined him,
he was just air.
So impatience finally cost him,
just like he feared;
and he roams the earth
with the ultimate panic attack,
and people feel his presence,
and fear.

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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