Jump Start (The Daredevil)
by Jeff Santosuosso

I’m waiting for my ears to pop,
waiting for my heart to stop,
waiting to reach the top of the charts,
to jump the falls in a go-cart
in rampless glory,
thrilling story.

Fix the masses,
arrest their eyes,
no surprise
as the daredevil flies
the open skies
above the cries
that wave the daylight.

All that supports him
all that sports him,
the daredevil, ready to jump,
to throw his trump card
across the chasm,
the quivering spasm
of restlessness in flight.

Parabolic spinal strain,
ascending, descending final domain
of energy.
Leave your feet.
Leave the earth.
No need to search,
just forward
across the gap.
Defy the map.
Take a victory lap,
one for the ages.
fill their pages
with defiance.
Silence the silence
and open their mouths
a-gaping in wonder.

Plunder the thunder
of their storms.
warm their hearts,

white-heat risk so audacious.
Fill the spacious skies
with your trajectory, your take off
for the sake of
of departing.

You will stop someday anyway.
Slip the canyon
toward the carving river
delivered at rest there grounded,
the one who once sounded
so loud and clear
without fear to leap.

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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