Illya's Honey

1___Quartet Tryst by Paul Anand
2___"Built to Last" by Tara L. Carnes
3___Universal Fabricators by Diana L Conces
4___Voyeur by Terri Lynn Cummings
5___Notes Toward the Definition of Kulture by John M. Davis
6___The Hands Of Off-Shore Drillers by Mike Faran
8___Old Photograph by John Grey
9___Instrument Landing by Cindy Huyser
10___Siren Hours by CIndy Huyser
11___Blade Smith by Marcelle Kasprowicz
12___Into The Light by Michael Keshigian
13___Purple Hills by Steve Klepetar
14___The Cave of Silence by Steve Klepetar
15___Instruction by Rustin Larson
16___“Habitat Group for a Shooting Gallery:” Joseph Cornell, Des Moines Art Center by Rustin Larson
17___Wig Made Of Real Hair by Mary Ann Meade
18___Cotton Mouth by Vivian Finley Nida
19___Herd: A Zombie Zonnet by Juan Perez
20___The Cracker's Revenge by Thomas Lee Rhymes
21___Closed Gentians by Russell Rowland
22___Mountain Lions in Captivity by Russell Rowland
23___Quills by Russell Rowland
24___Dome by Jeff Santosuosso
25___There is No Before Cancer by Jeffrey L. Taylor
26___The Summer People In Winter by Lynne Viti
27___DESTINY by Loretta Diane Walker
28___MUSEUM OF MEMORY by Loretta Diane Walker
29___AIR CONDITIONING by Diane Webster
30___MAN LIVES IN OWN by Diane Webster
31___7/7/77 by Ken Wheatcroft-Pardue
32___A Poet Died Yesterday by Ken Wheatcroft-Pardue
33___Smile by Gregg Winkler
34___Worm by Gregg Winkler
35___Patterns by Robert Wood