Notes Toward the Definition of Kulture
by John M. Davis

Notes Toward the Definition Of Kulture
−− after T.S. Eliot

Ennui and anomie,
null sets, rote minds,
cash registers,
narcissists whose lives are their only purpose,
compasses without needles,
clocks without hands,
uniformity in endless variety and constant pleasure,
magpies of a world-wide web
giving voice to notes in bottles,
digital friends in virtual reality,
avatars on whom we can’t depend,
hard-wired soft-ware busby boys,
planes sailing from one ruin to another,
trains burning time between dead stops,
quantum and car mechanics,
moral torpidity and irrelative values,
dilatory dreamers
humans immersed in private, idiosyncratic fantasies,
indifferent to the difference between truth and illusion⎯

__________we’ll go the way of golden toads.

At the edge of dread, a darkening blue evening cloud
before a wall of black:
doom and gloom,
zoom and boom.

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