Illya's Honey

1___In Merciless Air by Steve Klepetar
2___No Animals Were Harmed in the Writing of this Poem by Steve Klepetar
3___The Sound of Taste by Steve Klepetar
4___Amphibian by Carol Alexander
5___At an Intersection by Robin Barratt
6___Quilting Suite by Christine H. Boldt
7___The Nature of Humanity by Terri Lynn Cummings
8___Domino by Winston Derden
9___Lyric 14 by Mike Faran
10___Obeisance to Thai Rivers by Carol Hamilton
11___Moon Travel by Michael Keshigian
12___The Awaiting Message by Michael Keshigian
13___Walking With the Kids by John P. Kristofco
14___The Inchoate Synesthete by Hillary Lyon
15___Snow Women by Mary Ann Meade
16___At The Barbecue Place by Benjamin Nash
17___Pink Rain by Robert Nisbet
18___Icicle by Russell Rowland
19___Election by Joseph Veronneau
20___Spelling the Game by Joseph Veronneau
21___Speed Dating At The Poetry Cafe by Loretta Diane Walker
22___Canoe Beached by Diane Webster
23___Only Here by Diane Webster
24___Meeting by Jacqueline de Weever