Illya's Honey

1___Excursion out of Loch Shiel and Mingarry Park by Tobi Alfier
2___Mississippi Kitchen, 1950 by Tobi Alfier
3___Dolphins by Byron Beynon
4___A Letter for Wendy by Leah Billingsley
5___The Reason I Can't Write Poetry Anymore by Ginnie Siena Bivona
6___First Kill by David Bowles
7___the bulge and nuzzle of the sea by David Bowles
8___Winter Sleep Arrives by Terri Lynn Cummings
9___Aria for Abandoned Sock by Robert L. Dean, Jr.
10___Laundromat by Robert L. Dean, Jr.
11___Any Port by Winston Derden
12___Noncommercial Interruptions by Winston Derden
13___Pouring Libation by Kenneth Elliott
14___This Primal Fear of Writers and Parents by Kenneth Elliott
15___Autumn Commute by Carolyn Tourney Florek
16___Finale by Neil Fulwood
17___Fire Thereafter by Wendy Gist
18___Fire Surprises Dark Night, 1950 by Carol Hamilton
19___The City, 1927 by Michelle Hartman
20___untitled by michael helsem
21___Jealous by Laurie Klein
22___Long Memories by Laurie Klein
23___Garden Early, Late by John P. Kristofco
24___Hamburgers by Rustin Larson
25___The Tao Of Llano by Darla McBryde
26___Drought by Mary Ann Meade
27___First Day in Heaven by Mary Ann Meade
28___Sixpack's Land by Robert Nisbet
29___Mortal Prison by Dustin Pickering
30___A Subtle Chardonnay by Russell Rowland
31___Emma's First Smile by Russell Rowland
32___Listen to the Rain by Loretta Diane Walker
33___Snapshot by Loretta Diane Walker
34___The Girls by Diane Webster
35___Gradients by Scott Wiggerman