Autumn Commute
by Carolyn Tourney Florek

I realize I am not alone
___as the blue gray clouds
___ ___moving slowly
___from north to south take on
___ ___a coral pink cast.

The sun is rising
___somewhere before it rises here;

And I think of NASA nestled
___between this metropolis
___ ___and the gulf.

I think of the vast flatness of our coastal plain
___sparkling, pre-dawn
___ ___with human lights, commuters.

The view from a far off satellite,
___diligently gathering messages in space,
___ ___embraces every opening eye below.

Possibility rises before us, and more—
___a hopefulness as light and blue shadows
___ ___streaming through Chinese tallow trees;

Their brilliant fall colors an exotic,
___invasive roadside attraction to all the eyes
___ ___scanning the pathways into the city.

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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