Illya's Honey

1___The Heron by Byron Beynon
2___Viola by Byron Beynon
3___Coffee Cup Contemplation by Travis Blair
4___Writing at Noah's Cafe by Travis Blair
5___Ocean Song by Doug Bolling
6___Sojourner by Doug Bolling
7___Abortive Siege by Frank De Canio
8___Aphrodite’s Hound by Frank De Canio
9___True Complexion by Mikey J. Carlie
10___Ya, ya, ya by Martin Christmas
11___Earl Edward by Terri Lynn Cummings
12___Enough Said by Terri Lynn Cummings
13___The Reckoning by Terri Lynn Cummings
14___His Midnight Flight by John M. Davis
15___At the Starlight by Robert L. Dean, Jr.
16___Living Alone With a One-Eyed Cat by Mike Faran
17___Canada Geese Against A Blue October Sky by Donald Fisher
18___The House-Painter by Donald Fisher
19___A Toast to a Dinner With Friends by Carol Hamilton
20___Autumn by Carol Hamilton
21___Turtle's Head Is Gone by Carol Hamilton
22___Call and Response by Patricia L. Hamilton
23___Cloudburst by Patricia L. Hamilton
24___See How Things Work Out For Themselves? by Kathleen Hart
25___The Concerned Man by Kathleen Hart
26___Ember by Mark Jodon
27___Rotunda by Mark Jodon
28___A Hot Summer Night After Wine by Michael Keshigian
29___Conception by Michael Keshigian
30___Strangers by Steve Klepetar
31___Your Voice by Steve Klepetar
32___I Fear One Day You Will Be Gone by Edward Lee
33___Call Back by Vicki Mandell-King
34___Entwined by Vicki Mandell-King
35___Plumming by Betsy Mars
36___The Americans by Robert NIsbet
37___A Hem of Suns & Moons & Embroidered Light by Nynke Passi
38___Valldemosa by Nynke Passi
39___A Maybe Day by Russell Rowland
40___Toddler by Russell Rowland
41___Canning Peaches by LuLynne Streeter
42___Red Cups by Larry D. Thomas
43___Red Maple with Ravens by Larry D. Thomas
44___Birth of Autumn by Loretta Diane Walker
45___The Ones They Lost by Sarah Webb
46___Covering the West Texas Border by Christine Wenk-Harrison