Illya's Honey

1___In Memoriam by The Editors

2___Celia's Eyes by Leigh Allen
3___Cranes in Winter by Leigh Allen
4___Hands by Leigh Allen
5___Self-Determination by Alan Birkelbach
6___Like Chernobyl by Cornelia Blair
7___Phoenix by Cornelia Blair
8___Wildwood--On Being Ill by Cornelia Blair
9___The Crockpot by David Bowles
10___Valley Haiku by David Bowles
11___Hampton Bay Progressive Wall Sconce by Janine Certo
12___If You're Not Leaving for a Two-Year Deep Space Mission by Janine Certo
13___De Rerum Natura by John M. Davis
14___Yesterday, Again by Nettie Farris
15___This Kind of Hat by L.E. Goldstein
16___ The Grackles are Mating in Texas by Carol Hamilton
17___The Beautiful Dinosaurs by michael helsem
18___Synergist by Michael Keshigian
19___Two-Step by Michael Keshigian
20___It is good by richard luftig
21___Mr. Doomy Melancholy by Jonathan Moody
22___Spellbound by Jonathan Moody
23___Fidelity by Nick Morale
24___When words open by Nick Morale
25___Disconnect by J.Alan Nelson
26___Smokestack Grimace by Kevin Ridgeway
27___On My Son Alexander’s Last Day In Paris by Sandra Rokoff-Lizut
28___Santa Cruz Amilpas, Oaxaca by Robert Joe Stout
29___Paul who became Buddha by Abigail F. Taylor
30___"I scare ten thousand honkers" by Mark Vogel
31___"Waiting to cohere, part four" by Mark Vogel
32___"when children sleep" by Mark Vogel
33___Regain Herself by Diane Webster
34___Solid Silence by Diane Webster
35___Wintering Sandhill Cranes by Marilyn Westfall
36___Canopic  (or: Jar in a Niche) by John Wilkinson