The Beautiful Dinosaurs
by michael helsem

The gray slow lizards of my childhood are finished

It seems they were only an artifact

Of the limitations of our seeing them

And now we can see the beautiful dinosaurs

All around us, singing

They were brightly feathered and not morose

With the futility of running only 100 million years and then dying out

They were like the birds we know and they probably sang

And had complicated mating dances like the birds we know

But when they danced the earth trembled

As far as any of them could tell they would go on forever

And they were happy and they sang

Like the birds we know only a hundred times louder

Think of it a hundred times louder

The earth rang with their glad song

And the noise we make is our glad song

We are singing our cars and planes and wars and rockets

And when we dance the earth shakes too

Like it did for the goddamn beautiful dinosaurs

And like them too one day our song will finish

And what we’ll have become

Will be to us as the birds are to the dinosaurs

They’ll glancingly hop on an earth that can hold them all

Their song will be scaled to the sounds of the wind and the rain

And when they dance the ground will not be shaken

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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