by J.Alan Nelson

The love of data
clings as madness.
Know that Alexander the Great
died millenniums ago in modern day Iraq.
Evaluate the genome of a twelve-foot alligator
that stops traffic on a North Carolina road.
Ponder the location of Kennedy’s brain.
Discern dark matter and dark energy
as the subconscious teems
with forgotten advertising icons.
Breed new kinds of poodles
despite the anti-poodle movement.
Evaluate how New Orleans
endured the last three centuries,
and how it will survive the next three.
Research how Tchaikovsky
composed Piano Concerto Number 1 in B Flat Minor
after hearing the blind beggars in Kamenka.
What part of your thought routes the circuits
as words, and where do the words trigger
some futile emotion?
Still a thirst burns for more facts,
a fiery hunger
that devours endless ambiguity,
when only choice matters.

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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