Illya's Honey

1___The Barista by David Adès
2___Trajectories by David Adès
3___Elegy of Shoes by Andrea L. Alterman
4___One mourner by Andrea L. Alterman
5___Levertov's Ladder by Stefanie Bennett
6___Sunflowers by Laurie Byro
7___Twelve by Laurie Byro
8___Mammoth by Maisy Chan
9___The Gulf by Rachel Crawford
10___A Sign Before Autumn by Donna M. Davis
11___Dream by Donna M. Davis
12___Crusin' With Radiohead by John M. Davis
13___The Connection by John Grey
14___To The Holy Man In The Square by John Grey
15___I Look Out With More Longing by Carol Hamilton
16___Weight of Thanksgiving by Carol Hamilton
17___Gone by Susan Hunter
18___Regarding The Clarinet by Michael Keshigian
19___Weightless by John P. Kristofco
20___Sunday Mornings on the Green by Robert Nisbet
21___When Fathers Roamed The Earth by Andy Roberts
22___Fishing off the Bridge by Russell Rowland
23___Fog by Nilotpa Sarmah
24___Promise by Allen Strous
25___My Old Friend, Grief by Susan Summers
26___White and Silent As Snow by Larry D. Thomas
27___Snatched by Loretta Diane Walker
28___Always Lost by Ken Wheatcroft-Pardue
29___At 10 by Ken Wheatcroft-Pardue