Werewolf Discusses Gay Marriage on the Bus
by Steve Klepetar

“Live and let live”, he says, wiping bits
of gristle from his jaws. On the bus
his seat neighbor disagrees, citing
Scripture – Noah, animals parading
two by two. “To reproduce, you see,
takes male and female – God’s law
and nature’s written plain.”
Werewolf sees it in his wooly mind:

animal weddings on a boundless sea,
bears bent beneath the Chuppah,
and giraffes, necks twined in a love knot;
rabbits exchanging vows. Imagine kids
hurling rice, piling inches thick
on the pitching deck, and even, in some
webby corner of the ark, a ceremony
meant to join black widow spider and her mate.

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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