Werewolf Attends a Play
by Steve Klepetar

It’s Death of a Salesman
and he has a strategy for getting
through the terrible things
that happen onstage, broken
father trembling at the abyss
of dreams.

His own cubs have triumphed
but mainly he roots
for Bernard, the nerdy neighbor
boy who turns out well, plays
tennis and pleads
a case before the supreme court.

“What’s the secret Bernard?”
“Law School Willie, law school.”

Nobody dast blame this wolf!
For a werewolf there’s no rock
candy at the bottom of the well.
He’s out there in the greenwood
with his animal magnetism and his
fangs and when they don’t bare
their jugular veins, that’s an
earthquake. A werewolf is got to
dream, boy, it comes with the territory!

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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