by changming yuan

Here is the persistent pursuit of a bone chip
Hung right above the nose of the ravenous
Dog as it runs amuck, as well as another

Pursuit of an exotic seed by the west wind
That keeps blowing to catch , to throw it
Into the voiceless reality, and another pursuit

Of an innocent deer trying to gain an inch
Of freedom from the claws of an African lion
Or the pursuit of the sun by the legendary Kuafu

Who ran all the way along the Yellow River
To the very edge of the world, for a reason
No one has ever been able to tell, even today

And here’s another pursuit of a thin whim
shuttling around like a crazy owl in the jungle
A pursuit of a shapeless cloud in a forgotten sky

And another pursuit of quasi happiness you yearn to
Embed into the frame of a painting like Munch’s Scream
The pursuit that can be transmitted onto a colored screen

Like yin always trying to join yang, or vice versa
In a parallel universe, the pursuit of metaphors
Behind the thought, now more persistent than ever

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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