by Nettie Farris

First there was love,
then entered quarrel,

which grew into

then grief,
and then First Woman

could no longer live
alongside First Man

in happiness,
so she turned away,

toward the east,
and walked

for many days,
leaving First Man

with his own pain.

It is said
that an angry woman

walks fast.
So a great spirit came

to kindle

The spirit caused
the huckleberry

to burst into flame,
but still, First Woman

kept walking. Then
peach, pear, apple, cherry,

all the berries
of the forest. Still,

First Woman kept walking.
So the spirit created

an entirely new fruit,
the strawberry,

which First Woman
bent down to eat,

and as she ate
the anger

slowly went away,
and all that remained was love.

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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