Silence And Words
by john m. davis

Adam after the apple.
Isaac before the mountain.
Jacob at his deathbed.
Job after God’s rebuke.
______It’s what wasn’t said,
dead air, hearts tight as a fist;
what God gives mankind to shape
the pure music of the human spirit;
a quiet that reminds us,
if only in fragments,
where we’ve been, where we go.

sounds, symbols
those morphemic constructions
we arrange with silence.
Some words just fester,
linger in thought,
feed on themselves
like a leprosy of mind.
Some words climb the throat,
spew from hollow mouths
poison past the hiss of lips.
Decay from inside out.

They’ll go the way of wasted words,
_______unheard, ignored...

But others gently shape,
escape our moving lips.
They issue from another kind of mind,
a divine breath
that silhouettes our souls.

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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