Ode to Rain
by Scott Wiggerman

For rain has left the world a better place.
Sunflowers are sunnier, bark on trees
is richer, geese are goosier, my pace
is peppier—ah, rain! It helps to ease
our record heat, our dry and dusty air,
our listless droop. The stifled lake has spilled
beyond its shore, which we are glad to share
with birds fevered as arpeggios. We’re thrilled
to walk on soggy paths, to sink in ooze,
to puddle-jump, to squish and squash with joy,
to hear the sucking sounds of mud-struck shoes.
A single rain can raise the hoi polloi;
if only for a day, to break the drought,
our green is greener, better than without.

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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