A Midnight Rain
by Eloísa Pérez-Lozano

Underwear hugs my hips
Cotton restraining southern curves
My t-shirt drapes over northern slopes
Its hem the equator all around

I step onto the porch
Breathe air after fallen rain
Warm feet reveling
In the chill beneath

Train wheels over rattling rails
The soundtrack of the neighborhood
Moving boxes on a journey
From here through there and back

Thunder takes its cue
Lightning splits the sky
Dark clouds exposed
By sudden spotlight

I sink into a lawn chair
Hugging a knee to my chest
My other leg dangling
Toes in liquid Arctic ice

Midnight has come and gone
One day now another
All souls dreaming but mine
Standing still as time moves

I claim the night
The plum-colored sky
The dark parked cars
The silent homes

I drink in the fresh scent
It filters through
Crisp and cleansing
As rain soaks into soil

The cloth curtain rises
Two round actresses appear
Making their debut
An evening show for absent eyes

Pores drink in the breeze
Nature permeates body and soul
I rise and give myself
Every curve and every crevice

To the night that swallows me whole.

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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