by Jean Lamberty

During my happy childhood
which may or may not have happened
enemies were killed with spitballs or water balloons
we played baseball, two on a side with invisible runners
climbed trees, watched clouds, and later
collected night crawlers
in winter built snowmen and snow forts
ice skated til our toes froze
and believed, believed, in Santa Claus
when cars were unsafe at any speed
when TV moms vacuumed in high heels and pearls
before our friends died in Vietnam
before someone walked on the moon
we believed marriage lasted forever
before children and adultery and divorce and
our friends disappointed us and moved away
we grew old, slowly then suddenly
our careers became meaningless until
now gadgets record our words and location
broadcast our images and comments but
can't slow time or save a dying friend
and so we marvel at the way
spider webs glisten in fading sunlight
their intricate delicate threads
so purposeful, so easily swept away

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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