The Pig Nature
by Elizabeth Bachman Caruthers

___Number one pig, hair of straw, she thinks the economic dependency of women on men is a natural thing, refuses,the lessons of black widow and Athena. Her money goes to base and eyeliner and a Wonderbra. Her foundation is weak.
___She is not prepared for a long-haired wolf who pursues, who breaks her out of her thank-you-notes, plays the part of the pirate in bed, and blows her down, until she is incapable of forming lasting relationships.

___Number two pig, dreadlocks like twigs, she thinks democracy is a lie, uniforms indicate Satanism, prefers men whose toe-hairs she can see. She protests from the curb and only smokes other people's grass.
___She is not prepared for a long haired wolf who moves into her loft, convinces her to sail to Cuba, who cons her out of a VW bus. She is blown over by his cruelty and turns inward, allows people to feed her meat.

___Number three pig, gorgeous red hair, she is built like a brick house. Men flock to her, herd around her, root at her feet for dropped kisses. She smiles but rebuffs their looks, hides the scars on her arms, scars from the strain of building herself.
___The long haired wolf finds no purchase on her walls. He loses breath over her. His claws scrape against her cold expression. Air nearly gone, he attempts to force his way inside and finds only fire, his hair burning behind him, flesh scorched away, charred bones piled on the hearth.
___By the first and only little pig that would not let him in.

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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