Bluebonnet Sutra
by Laurence Musgrove

This weekend, the Buddha and I drove
To the Hill Country to see the bluebonnets,
And on the return trip home I asked him
About how he was able to overcome
The suffering so many of us continue to
Wrestle with in our lives, and he rolled up
His window so he could be better heard
Saying, Our suffering is to a large degree
The result of the fear we feel about being
Ourselves. In other words, much of our
Common suffering is just self-imposed
Hardship that we unknowingly inflict
In hope that our friends and family and
Spouses will respond to our fearful cries
And rush to our rescue when in truth
The only ones who can come to your aid
Are your patience heart and ready mind.

Laurence Musgrove

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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