50,000 Years of Women
by Karla K. Morton

When asked if I believe
the story of Creation or the story of Evolution
I say yes.

I believe there was nothing
and them there was something,

the theory of synchronicity
and poetry,
and the way the fire sparks some longing

all the proof I need
to believe a Creator plucked and tucked our lives
for incredible things.

Each morning we put on our face
of foundation and survival,

and stoke those fires
and stir those beans
and tango our babies breast to breast.

What wonders hide beneath the bark of our lives;
nightfall devours each day.

Every evening on our walks,
we gather wood for warmth
and antlers for with --
a year of deer inside each pale weapon.

We have not come to this moment
in any small way.

50,000 rings of woman circle within.
Let us be legends
a thousand more.

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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