by Murray Alfredson

swing legs swiftly
plant heels firmly
hold the mind
within each stride
feel grit underfoot
feel each lift
feel shin and calf tug
to hold you steady
as heel rises
as foot lifts
from sandy path
feel hamstrings
bend the knee
and thigh pull leg
in forward flick.
step slowly
chest and shoulders
arms and neck
and breath drawn in
let out with footfalls
all work in shifting
whole body walks
a counterpoint
of many voices.
walk slows
mind grows quiet
dwell in the stillness
within that motion.
eyes cast earthward
sense on arms
each passing tree-trunk
you see not, nor touch
though they touch you.
in that stillness
all boundaries

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

Copyright by Dallas Poets Community. First Rights Reserved. All other rights revert to the authors.