To Eve
by Diana L Conces

I’ve been waiting for you,
__to crawl out of your skin,
__leave that spandex self split,
__blaze into the garden like June
__under banner of sunlight,
__to know things.
Already, spring’s thawed sludge
__is baked to bricks, parched,
__thirsting the rain, steaming
__the path—can you feel it?
I’ve been waiting for you,
__forked tongue tasting honey
__thick in the humming air,
__watching poppies breathe,
__open and close, beating
__with the pulse of days.
The wise move summer slow,
__heat heavy sidle along the path,
__feel the swelling sense of purpose.
__Destiny waits like marble—
__let me sculpt it.
I’ve been waiting for you:
__At last! I breathe in dust and flies
__and your wary regard. Settle with me
__in coiled readiness. Spread open
__your dazzling mind on that shaded rock.
__I have things to tell you—
____one snake to another.

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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