Things One Discovers When Cleaning Out One’s Writers Closet
by Ginnie Siena Bivona

First box, right inside the door on the first shelf,
filled with a lifetime allotment of exclamation points,
now almost empty…oh dear, gotta cut back on those!
Second box, ellipses…hard to tell…they’re so tiny
but it’s true…I do use them a lot. I need some restraint.
What’s this? A box of em-dashes, still almost full,
I so don’t like those ugly things. Throw ‘em all out.
I never use ‘em anyway. No place for ‘em in poetry.
Ah, now here’s a fave (I’ve always loved) parentheses
I think I’ll have plenty as long as I’m still writing.
And I’ll just donate all these colons and the semis;
somebody making a car parts list can better use them.
And of course, every poet and writer’s indispensable
periods. So glad I’ve got unlimited refills on those.
Question marks seem to be in good shape,too.
Inventory done, I’m set for who knows how long?

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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