Nighthawks, 1942
by Michelle Hartman

______after Edward Hopper
Did you notice there is no door?
Someone always asks, as I’m enjoying memories.
Of course there is no door, I want to reply.
It’s a spaceship. The average
person cannot understand
seeking a door they could not enter.

If Hopper had pulled back
a bit further, a woman, looking
a lot like me would have been sitting
just to the right. Or perhaps the blinking
lights from atop diner would have been confusing,

Near dawn we take off
after taxis stop and before milkmen
start. Sometime, somewhere
in Boston a door appears. I
could not resist lure of city lights
and bustling people. I did not hear
warning claxon, engines rev.

Now I sit here during the day, remember
walk the street each night
wait to eat one more meal
smoke a cigarette on that ship of fools.

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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