What She Became
by Sandra Rokoff-Lizut

She was a kindhearted kid,
who sacrificed supper
to keep her sickly great dane
fed fresh meat.

Compassionate young matron
dashing to her shop each day,
baby on hip and a seven-toed kitten
peeking out from the opening of her purse.

But she transformed into
a weary eyed woman,
wooed, wed and abandoned
by ornament and alcohol.

Wilted daily. White-uniformed,
she worked in a medical laboratory
collecting blood from rabbits

Became the hardhearted one
who sold her children’s
kittens to the laboratory
and purchased a tenderloin steak.

She answered young daughter’s suspicion
with a quick pat on head; silently slicing
her indulgence marbled with guilt
into bite-sized pieces for the child.

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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