Her Kind
by Sandra Rokoff-Lizut

Homage to Anne Sexton’s “Her Kind”

I’ve waded in mud A solitary child
_______hid in holed-out hollows
_______dug for basis and belief

I’ve shredded a sister’s dove-colored organdy dream
_______while mothering my mother
A girl like that lacks lightness
_________________ I’ve been her kind

I’ve twice plunged into motherhood’s indigo water
_______blinded by its beauty
_______unwillingly shared its treasure

I’ve foraged in foreign forests
_______sparrow in a peacock coat
A woman like that tries too hard
_________________________I’ve been her kind

I’ve long-time trekked the road to Ithaca
_______towed children
_______forged silver

The way has gentled over time like my aging body
Now caring accompanies me
_______passion pursues
_______joy skips along-side
A woman like that travels with her tribe
___________________________________I’ve been her kind

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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