My Gift To You
by William Dean

this page
is a boundary
everything is con-
tained in bound-
aries - atoms have them -
under a microscope gold is no-
thing more than tiny balls held together
by electrical charge and stubbornness -
my house is bound by four walls and a roof -
my yard by a street and a fence - our observable
universe is bound by the age of the universe plus its
expansion - my experience and everything i know and
everything i am is bounded by the chemical inputs of
my five senses as interpreted by the chemical reactions
of trillions of nerve synapses (more synapses in my brain than
stars in the universe) my imperfect mind sees and knows all
when it comes to me and mine is no more important than
Yours - i am the center of my world and You are the center of
Yours - due to an illusion of physics every point in the
universe is the center - wherever i am the universe
is expanding from my point -
in the kitchen at the store
i am the center - and so are You -
the end

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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