Lemon Blossoms
by Elizabeth Perdomo

Valley Lemon Blossoms
(Citrus meyeri)

This season
Of lemon blossom essence
& pale orange scent wafting sweet;
Delicate upon brilliant springtime winds,

When a last few Ruby Reds dangle
Low upon green leafed grapefruit trees,
Branches bent heavy with juice
From late winter rains.

Migratory birds splash within
Backyard pools & ant streams meander,
Gather full hordes of tender leaves.
We enjoy new afternoon songs

Which sprinkle savory zest
Upon late winter light slant, greet round
Moons, pale with evening glow
& bud swelling spring.

I pick the last three
Large fragrant-skinned lemons;
Now we must content ourselves while
Awaiting next year’s golden crop.

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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