Her petal-soft
by Margo Davis

yawn strews the rock garden with
paper-thin loves-me-nots.

A steady diet of roses can prove thorny
if one’s appetite exceeds

good taste. She smiles for no reason.
Does the Maiden prefer one over

another? A wafer-thin Gingersnap
Floribunda lifts spirits. A Black Baccara

Tea Rose tempts. The aromatic
Green Romantica entices her so

often her tiny entourage flits and
trips on her generous swaying

skirts. Gnats in her presence.
Upstart yellow jackets pollinate

Honey Dijon Grandiflora
as if traversing a Disney film.

If they break out in lyrics for her
lilting, no one would hear for

the zip-zipping towards that
Skunk Cabbage lying in wait.

Illya's Honey Literary Journal

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