Illya's Honey

1___Things One Discovers When Cleaning Out One’s Writers Closet by Ginnie Siena Bivona
2___A Cloud of Blackbirds by CL Bledsoe
3___The Grass in Arkansas by CL Bledsoe
4___To Eve by Diana L Conces
5___Deer by Natalie Crick
6___The Backroom Door by Mark Danowsky
7___Portrait of a Gangster by John M. Davis
8___Warrior by K. Eltinaé
9___Flight by Aaron Glover
10___The Garden (for Angie) by Aaron Glover
11___Lab Work by Lyman Grant
12___Momma's Pot Roast by Barbara Randals Gregg
13___Winter's Lament by Barbara Randals Gregg
14___I've Been Serviced by Carol Hamilton
15___Bookstore by Michelle Hartman
16___Nighthawks, 1942 by Michelle Hartman
17___invertebrate epyllia by Michael Helsem
18___If I Dream of Airport Connections by Gordon Hilgers
19___The Deaf Planet by Steve Klepetar
20___The Station Master's Hands by Steve Klepetar
21___The Inheritors by Charles Kraszewski
22___Returning to Illinois by richard luftig
23___Senior Center by richard luftig
24___It Was My Idea by Vicki Mandell-King
25___Renewal by Brady Peterson
26___Pencil and Pen by Dawn Schout
27___Notes On The Extermination by Zvi A. Sesling
28___Passing Ships by Zvi A. Sesling
29___Mojave Reverie by Michael Dwayne Smith
30___You’d Still Be Here by Michael Dwayne Smith
31___1957 by john stocks
32___Pousada Tupinambás by Amy Stone
33___Family Tree by Jack Sullivan
34___Vernal Equinox by Larry D. Thomas
35___Winter Tallow Tree by Larry D. Thomas
36___Missing by Ron Wallace
37___Hutch by Marilyn Westfall
38___Old Growth by Marilyn Westfall
39___Last night by Kelley Jean White
40___Good Riddance To Those Years by Mary Jane White
41___Taoseans, What Barbarians by Mary Jane White
42___New Year's Eve by Scott Wiggerman
43___Flying Lessons by Clarence Wolfshohl
44___Clay by Clarence Wolfshohl
45___Consider the Moth by R. M. Zaner