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We believe that poetry is not a casual endeavor, but rather a noble vocation through which we can achieve redemption and transcendence. We attempt to provide a setting in which writers, in a gathering of their peers, can create their best poetry and share information on issues of craft, content, and venues for recognition.

Illya’s Honey is proud to announce the recent publication of Editor Ann Howells’ book, Under a Lone Star, from Village Books Press. In this collection of short poems, Howells takes us on a journey through small towns, major cities, across west Texas, along the coast, and through the piney woods, noting in each location an observation, geographical, historical, or metaphysical, that makes that place unique. Each poem, of exactly fifty-five words, is illustrated with a line drawing by Dallas artist, J. Darrell Kirkley. The book is available on

“Every single one of these small wonders has a tonal warmth that produces a crystal clear snapshot of her perceptions. Susan Mitchell says, ‘The world is wily and doesn’t want to be caught.’ Howells has done what all writers want to do: She has not only caught her world, she has found the essence of it and has rendered it into words.”

Dorothy Alexander
Poet, publisher, storyteller

DPC has been holding its twice monthly workshop continuously for twenty years, though the location has changed several times. Currently, workshops are held the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, 7:00 pm at the main Half Price Books on N.W. Highway. Poets need not join the organization to attend. Each participant should bring ten copies of one original poem, and poets of all levels are welcome. DPC has also been holding its First Friday Open Mic (at 7:00 at the main Half Price, on the first Friday of every month) for ten years. A featured poet reads for approximately twenty minutes, then the mic is opened to anyone who signs up (three poems or five minutes, whichever comes first).

The Dallas Poets Community website is . Information on events and contests, photos, and member profiles can be found here.

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Welcome to Illya's Honey!

Spring 2017

What's new with Illya's Honey?

Editor’s Notes

A new season arrives and with it a new issue of Illya's Honey. I am always invigorated by the arrival of spring following a dreary winter, though we didn't really have a winter down here this year. Crocus have bloomed and been devoured by rabbits that continually escape our dogs by hiding among the yuccas. Squirrels are busily raiding the birdfeeders, and I've seen my first robin of the season.

I've had a plethora of poetry from which to choose for this issue, and I hope you enjoy reading the selections as much as I did. In the months since our last issue I've attended several poetry festivals and readings in cities other than Dallas. This gave me the opportunity to meet Illya's Honey contributors whom I'd never before met. I adore meeting contributing poets whom I've previously known only through their work. A highlight of one trip was meeting Janet McCann, whose writing I've followed for years. I was delighted that she traded a copy of her latest book, The Crone at the Casino, for one of mine. I also traded books with Patricia Hamilton (The Distance to Nightfall) and Kathleen Hart (A Cut-and-Paste Country) and can highly recommend all three books! As I read, I tuck a little Post-It tab into poems I know I'll come back to enjoy several more times. A great book is one that bristles like a porcupine with colored tabs, as the three books I mentioned above do.

I also received some good news when I returned from Scissortail Festival in Ada, Oklahoma just a few days ago. My manuscript, Softly Beating Wings, was selected winner of the William D. Barney Memorial Chapbook Contest for 2017. This chapbook in which most poems contain wings -- either physical or metaphorical -- will be available later this year, and I will be giving several readings in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. Needless to say, I am delighted.

Now for a more serious subject: I owe some of you an apology. I've heard from several different contributors that the first they knew of their poem being accepted was when it appeared in the published issue. I send out acceptances and rejections frequently within the quarter for which I'm reading, in fact, our software is set up to facilitate that. When I put a poem into the file for a particular issue, the form acceptance or rejection notice pops up. I have only to add my personal remarks and hit send. I apologize for the glitch, which we are trying to find. If you haven't heard from either Melanie or me within three months, please contact us, and query the status of your poems:

Enjoy the issue!

Ann Howells, Co-Editor, Illya's Honey

Photo by D. Marie Potter

We are accepting submissions for our Summer 2017 issue.
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